top tips for running away

So. My biggest little person ran away A FEW MONTHS AGO.


I never ran away.

She must get it from her father.

Apparently I was so scary as a parent, that she needed to tell me a lie about her upcoming saxophone exam. The one that she had previously completed a few days prior without telling me. The one that she told me was in a few days time. THEN she told me she had already sat it.

WHAT? I just can’t even make this stuff up!

Seriously. You would rather tell me a lie than face up to an unpcoming exam without practice? If she thought I was scary prior to the lie – well. No wonder she ‘ran away’ after!

Actually – I was speechless. Almost apoplectic (I have totally always wanted to use that word!).

Anyway, off she went. Whilst I was on the phone to her sax teacher. She thought I was talking to Wilbur – which apparently is very scary.

I look around, maybe fifteen minutes later, and do a quick head count. 3/4 children present. Other one not in usual ‘stealth mode spots’. Bike still in shed.

Check ‘find my phone’. There she is. Let up a silent prayer for Steve Jobs.

Jump in car and retrieve sobbing, hot mess of a child. That’s what she is. Still a child.

I envelope her in a bear hug.

Then I bombard her with running away advice, should she choose to do so again SO HELP ME GOD I WILL SPIFLOCATE HER IF SHE DOES.

  1. Take your bike. Safer than slowly roaming streets – and you will get further.
  2. Wear a helmet. Or a hat. Sun protection.
  3. Take water.
  4. Take mobile phone. (Thank-you Steve Jobs for your foresight)
  5. Wear sensible shoes

This parenting gig is tough work. Being the eldest of four is tough work.

She turned 14 on the 8th January – something tells me I need to prepare for more of this sort of thing….. FROM HER SISTERS!

Thank goodness loving is not hard work at all.

Tell me – did you ever run away?

Have you any top tips for running away?


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