the celebratory FishWife……

It’s my beautiful daughter Mackenzie’s 8th Birthday today.  She is a treasure – one in a million.  A total enigma.
Yesterday morning, she ‘casually’ mentioned/asked – “Mummy, can you please bring cupcakes into class for me?”. Why sure – I can ale room in my frantic day for cupcakes.  After a disturbingly busy and frenetic morning, which included an injection in the bum, a green bird, deadlifts and a pie, I finally got home with Milla and Murphy, with only one hour to bake my masterpieces.  Now- baking is my thing.  I am not too bad at it.  Frank Albert helps. I thought I would try a new recipe – as you do when under the pump.  Massive FAIL.  Oh so massive.  Not even worth a photograph.  I had 35 minutes until I had to leave..  Back to never fail chocolate cake.  I hauled that thing out of the oven, artistically ‘drizzled’ glazey chocolate icing over it, threw on some mini-marshmallows, and ran out the door, with Freddo Frogs in hand (also a last-minute request).

Of course, driving to school I was stuck behind every Sunday-man-in-a-hat driver known to mankind. Grrr. To cut a long story short – I got to school, sans candles and ceremoniously sang Happy Birthday to my VERY excited girl.  Using the worlds bluntest knife and paper towel as plates – each child seemed happy enough with the warm, gooey just-barely-cooked cake.  Phew.  Win.

After a frenzied hour of wrapping presents,  and ensuring the Birthday Fairy knew what she was all about, I fell into bed, to dream of the perfect birthday!

She came into me this morning, with a gorgeous grin on her face, telling me the Birthday Fairy had been, and left a pile of presents.  “Can I open them yet?” .  Umm – I was nasty mummy and said – no – let’s wait until your sisters wake up.  After much whispering at a dull roar, all sisters awoke and into the presents she dove.  Success.  birthday Fairy had done and fabulous job!

On Saturday mornings, the two big Ms do Little Aths.  MAdison LOVEs it, Mackenzie not so much.  Today I was hoping it would be called off – rainy, wet, and we had Lego to build and pancakes to eat.  No such luck.  Still jamming pancakes down their throats, we rugged up and went to Aths, only to have it called off amidst another downpour.  Bummer.

Back home, Fishwife Mummy visited.  Oh my gosh.  This is the part where it’s a direct directive of how NOT to celebrate a birthday.  you know how sometimes you run out of words, your voice hurts from and yelling and you just run out of puff?  That was me.  I can only handle so much of not respecting belongings, not putting away things, being selfish and just general wrongness.  Today was that day.  Maybe it was due to the hormones running rampant, but Iost it.  We ended up doing a spring clean in the girls bedroom – and admittedly now it looks much better.  Having said that – I could have gone about it much calmer.

Mackenzie had been invited to a Birthday party which was lovely, and Madison had been invited to another.  After a hard adult lesson for Mummy, it was an enjoyable afternoon.

So – dinnertime came along – another kitchen disaster. UGH.  Sometimes I jet get it wrong.  Awful dinner.  Not the best ice-cream (I made it – and I quite like it – chocolate sorbet – but it was a little rich for the tribe), and a yummy choc-raspberry brownie.  We finally sang for my girl and blew some candles out.

Not the ideal Birthday celebration.

We ended the day with a snuggle on the couch and watching “We Bought A Zoo”.

Tomorrow is a new day – and we get to celebrate again with some dinner guests (our rent-a-family).  This time we are double celebrating as it is Murphy’s Birthday on Monday.

I am going to hit my freshly laundered bed and dream of lovely things, including the smile on Mackenzie’s face when she woke me up this morning.

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