November the first!

How did it get here?


It will be Christmas soon (oh my gosh – Christmas shopping – please tell me you haven’t started!)

Again – it’s been a while since posts. I have the best of intentions, but then…… life happens. Actually shi(f)t-working mum happens.

Shift working is a tough gig. Shift working 1.5hrs away from home is even tougher. Shift-working in a Children’s Hospital FULL of viruses, 1.5hrs away from home is ridiculous. Add in four children and a husband, oh – and MYSELF…… is it any wonder I have been exhausted and catching any virus roaming within 3ft of me?

Last week it all came to a head. Again. I lost my voice. Again. time away from work. Again.

I rang my NUM, and somehow conveyed to her (through tears and no voice) that maybe it was time to drop my hours to 6 shifts per fortnight (0.6EFT).  The relief was instant.

I finally realised that it wasn’t working. Whist I LOVE my job, and am more than happy to make sacrifices to do it, everything was suffering. Not my work, but my family. Me. Life. It was just wrong.

I was spending all of my time organising, worrying, over-thinking, planning, list-making, nagging, yelling and crying (none of this at work!) – not to mention…. driving. I was dropping all of the balls. Daily.

Something had to give.

I am now at the tail end of this virus – I have a cough that keeps me awake at night, but can manage. I am looking forward to BALANCING life a little less precariously.

Let’s see how it goes!

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