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OK – so after yesterdays post where I la la la’d about none of my little tribe getting hurt ‘on my watch‘, I sort of need to nibble at my words today.

We chose to vaccinate our children.  That’s the way we roll.

Today, Milla needed to have her little cast checked to make sure all was fine.  Yes – all is. Whilst we were there, I checked up on her immunisation status.  Umm. Ooops. It seems that shehasn’tbeenimmunisedsinceshewassixmonthsold. Whoops  Did you get that? Bad mummy totally forgot about her immunisations for nearly 18 months. This resulted in the need for FIVE (yes – I am yelling!) jabs today. Oh my heart was doing flip flops.

Apparently if you are a child who has missed that many vaccinations, you get copious amounts of lollipops and stickers.  Who knew?!

Edited to add:

Not 5 hours after we left the surgery, we were back again:

Yet another lollipop devoured and we have a new cast and a child so hyped up on sugar it took a two by four to get her to sleep! (no no no – not at all – not on my watch…… 🙂 )




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  • Wow, your doctor did them all at onces? Mine on discovering that my daughter was 6 months behind told me that he couldn’t give them all at onces and we staggered them from there. But hey, lollipops are great! Casts: not so much.