Kings Fall circuit walk

We are not much of an indoors family. The house is too small (8 squares to be exact – although I am not sure how big a ’square’ is!). There are too many of us. There is only one toilet (need I say more….).

The Mornington Peninsula is a glorious place to live, with many walks, surfing, rock jumping spots, jetties to jump and eateries.

Kings Falls circuit walk is an easy 1.5km walk, with excellent signage allowing you to learn about the surrounding environment. Educational exercise. WIN WIN!

The day we went was not spectacular! The falls were a trickle, but none the less – visible – just! (hence no photographs of the event!). The sun was shining (post-rain) and whilst some of the walk is a boardwalk, the rest of the track wasn’t too slippery. Just right for my little family of mountain-goats.

#theclarkgang-0-meter gives it a 5/5!
The nitty gritty details:

Start: a small carpark on Waterfall Gully Rd – just after the road becomes unmade.

Distance: around 1.5km

Mountain goatness: 1/5 mountain goatness is required for this one! (it’s fairly rocky!). No pram or wheelchair access.

Sherpa requirements: water required (always – BUT PLEASE – TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME!). Be aware of leeches in wet season!

Have fun – let me know if you go!

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