keeping it real

Still – people ask me…… ‘how do you do it’?

Do what?

Parent?  (moderately)

Clean? (rarely)

Keep it together? (I don’t – it’s a facade – my legs are paddling like crazy to keep afloat) – oh my gosh – there you have it.  I admitted it.  I don’t have it all together – contrary to what others think!

Quite some time ago, I wrote this post. It appears to be a favourite of many.

Things are still the same – especially whilst I am studying.  Back when I wrote that original post, I don’t think I was studying full time. Maybe just two subjects. Somewhere along the line, I thought tackling FOUR subjects at once would be fine – so I just did it.

And there you have it.


That’s how it works. We just get on with stuff, and DO it.

I am the first to admit, that the last 8 months (two semesters of study) have challenged my parenting skills.  I have parented the bare minimum.

I keep it simple.

The washing gets done, but unfortunately the kids keep needing clothes (since nudity is not appropriate ALL.THE .TIME).

The grocery shopping gets done, sans menu planning. But – guess what – no one has scurvy.

The house is as clean as it needs to be – I have no need to run a white gloved finger over the tabletop – so we are all good.

The floors are cleaner than ever (and the children are entertained), thanks to Gloria, my superb au pair LG HANDY-STICK VAC (have I mentioned how awesome she is: busy children + clean floors = happy mama).

The bathroom floor gets a clean when I mop up with the wet towels – surely that counts yes?

I am still struggling with the squirting of the toothpaste – WHY CAN’T THEY KEEP THE BLOODY LID ON? (sigh)

Bed-making is achieved – but they only mess it up again later – so I am fairly lenient – as long as the effort is made.

Beautification – I spend around 6-8hrs per night doing my hair – totally depends on how long I sleep for, and how far I burrow into my pillow.

The girls all use their manners. They make their own breakfasts and get dressed themselves. They are independent. They love each other and are respectful (mostly).

Keeping it simple and real folks.

See….. minimal parenting required (until they hit puberty!).



Do YOU have a GLORIA? (go and visit LG to get one!)

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