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blogmas 06 // Christmas gifts for girls

Being the parent of FOUR girls, one would think I would be an expert on Christmas gifts for girls.


Let me clarify – they always LOVE their Christmas gifts, but I am certainly no expert!

This year is easy – they are all getting a bike. (Surprise!)

I remember the year I received a bike for Christmas. Grandpa attached a ribbon to a card, and I had to follow it EVERYWHERE around the house, trees, and neighbours’ yard to find the most AMAZING red bicycle carefully stowed underneath the house. Oh – the excitement. And… to top it off – the fluorescent orange STACK-HAT hanging off the handlebar! I was it and a bit! I got on that single-speed bike, and over the road I went – to the car-park of the local lawn bowls club. I rode for hours – circle-work! It was bliss! I remember riding down the hill that our was our road, and there was a car parked in the drive-way. i panicked, forgot how to use the brakes (they were back-pedal brakes – the BEST sort for skids!), and stopped by crashing into the car. Oh the tears. The mortification. The blood. Thankfully, back in those days, cars were made of sturdier stuff, and there was no damage to it – just my knees and pride!

Otherwise, here are my top ten Christmas gifts for girls:


Bathers are ‘a given’ in our family. EVERY Christmas. We spend so much time at the beach, they are a necessity. Milla often gets a few pairs (some for her Birthday on the 21st – as she is some sort of #Millathefish). We tend to not go for super expensive bathers – just ones that will see out the season (if we are lucky!). We also generally make sure there is some sort of long-sleeved ‘rashie’ as well.

The following stores are my go to for bathers for girls:

the red Circle boutique (Target) We steer clear of Disney/themed bathers – never a fan.

two piece reversible top bikini setchristmas bathers for girls

Swimwear galore (we have a local store) – are fabulous. Huge range with varying prices


Books of some sort are ALWAYS a winner – even audio books. We have a glorious local bookshop that has a Children’s / teen section – fabulous for inspiration.

Here are a couple that I know my Mackenzie would love….


Oh gosh – my girls go crazy for these things, and they are a re great stocking stuffer (if that’s your thing!)

KMart have a great range of battery operated lights:


Clothes are a standard present – even just a set of knicky-noo-nars!

I am not even going to link anything up here (because everyone has their favourite store!) – except for a friend who has a gorgeous online space:

Little Pinwheel She has the most ‘rad’ kids and clothes around!


Sun-safe and sun-smart, sunglasses are a must. The Cancer Council has a great range if you are looking for something polarised and super sun-smart. other stores such as Sportsgirl, Cotton On and the like also have a great range – dependent on the age and ‘cool-ness’ of your girls!


Need I say more! TYPO – visit online or instore – there is something for everyone! you cannot go wrong!

Some of my favourites for this year…

Insulated drink bottles, stationery, drone (looks like fun – ? the photo quality though!), unicorn light, scrapbooking and craft supplies (always a winner!). If in doubt – go with a voucher!


Last Christmas, the girls’ cousins gave them Guess Who and Monopoly Empire. Absolute favourite presents. the gift that keeps giving – we played Guess Who last week. Board games are a great way to get the family together, and have a good old laugh.

Jenga, UNO, Yahtzee and Pictionary are firm favourites in our house.


Going to the movies is a rare event, and Gold Class is nearly unheard of. Why not make it a family gift! It’s a bit of fun, the kids will love the experience and the chairs are super comfy for a nap to watch a lengthy movie in.

9. BAG.

Oh gosh – all girls LOVE a bag.

The neoprene bags are a winner at the moment – perfect for both beach and everyday.

The famous Country Road tote is another winner- perfect for the summer sleepovers – gosh how I coveted one of these for my own!

Dry sacks, or waterproof bags are a great idea for the active girl that spends ALL her time with wet beach gear!


Yep. Sometimes it’s the simple things. A card from mum and dad with the promise of a day together, doing something special – adventure activity, lunch, snuggling on the couch – whatever desired. Lives are busy, and it is often hard to find time for a one-on-one – especially when you have a large family, with two working parents. I will certainly be putting special cards/letters under the tree for my girls this year – letting them know how awesome they are. I have a feeling that this will be their most favourite gift!

Good luck with your shopping this year – remember – it’s the thought that counts!

If all else fails, go with:

“something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.”

How is your Christmas shopping going?

Share your gift ideas for girls in the comments!

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