the juggle {shi(f)t work}


(Oh my goodness – I deleted the draft! MAY DAY – MAY DAY! – so now my round-up post is late!)

Term THREE. Done and dusted.

We crammed a fair bit in – take a look!

There was plenty of walking, exploring and general beach-ing….

001 mornington peninsula blogger

002 mornington peninsula blogger

003 mornington peninsula blogger

Mackenzie had a cancer-scare, went on two camps (Urban Camp and Ski Camp to Mt Buller), she won an award for “best person” (or something like that!), at Ski Camp.

There was plenty of cooking. All. The. Cooking.

I did my tax (WOOHOO!) and Pippi-cat became sponsored flea-free!

There was netball, painting, birthday parties and the School production….

Madz played her footy Grand Final – unfortunately they lost! Madz managed to come 5th best & fairest in her team – massive improvement on last year – she didn’t even get a vote!

We all got knocked down by #FluB aka – Flu Bastardian.

There was a colour-run…

I reiterated to all, the reason we will never move closer to work…

I re-launched my blog as The Shi(f)t-working Mum, and our guineas had three surprise babies!

Then all of a sudden, it was the END OF TERM!

How was YOUR Term 3?

Are you ready for Christmas!!!




the curve ball

You know when you have one of those days. Where you get a curve ball thrown at you, AND it is from left field That happened to us – a month or so ago. Everyone is aware of our super-Kenz. One in a million. She had a routine renal ultrasound – investigation for her ongoing…

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the shi(f)t-working mum story

Let me tell you a story….. Once upon a time, there was a mum. She had four children – all girls. Unfortunately. her husband was unable to provide her with the magic y-sperm that would provide a penis-wielding human into the family. The mum was a little upset about this – because…. hormones. Specifically estrogen….

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Kings Fall circuit walk

We are not much of an indoors family. The house is too small (8 squares to be exact – although I am not sure how big a ’square’ is!). There are too many of us. There is only one toilet (need I say more….). The Mornington Peninsula is a glorious place to live, with many…

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a story of strength

You know when you have a child, or know a person that is ONE OF A KIND? Someone who is unconditionally faithful, loyal, loving, caring, astute and OHMYGOD – STRONG, yet humble, quiet, confused and odd? No? I do.

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cook // easy chicken broth

  Oh how I LOVE a good soup on a wild Winters day. It reminds me of when I was a child, and grandma would cook up a thick pea and ham soup (so thick that my spoon would stnad upright in it!), and we would eat it for days – with a hunk of…

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not your typical 44th birthday!

T’was the night before my birthday, and bedtime for the tribe. “Goodnight”, I said, “I’ll see you all tomorrow night”. (I was off to work in the morning, leaving at 0415hrs, and getting home around 1800hrs – I KNOW!). There was much hurried dull roaring whispering, and a flurry of activity behind me, as they…

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