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I was at a party on the beach tonight – very civilised yes – I know.  Thank-you Murphy for being in a class full of gorgeous families that are more than happy to open up the boat shed and welcome what seems like five thousand 5/6 year olds and their siblings for an end of year Christmas bash, complete with fish n’ chips and cake.

I digress.

One of the lovely Mums said to me “how do you do it?”, then asked me if we would be going home to do the bath, bed routine.

I looked at her and said “umm…. I am not 100% sure when it was exactly that my children had a wash”.  Maybe tonight is the night.

I am the first to admit that I cannot keep on top of things.   I am generally frazzled (no matter how deceivingly calm I appear).  The bathroom needs a scrub – but the girls KEEP ON SPLASHING WATER ABOUT IN THEIR TOO INFREQUENT BATHS, and squirting toothpaste EVERYWHERE. EXCEPT. THEIR. MOUTHS.  They keep filling the toilet with crap, (pardon the pun) and missing the toilet with the paper.  They dare to wear clothes, so I am continually fighting a pile of washing.  They apparently need to be fed – and they eat like horses.  They do lots of stuff – so I am a taxi for HOURS each day.  They keep walking on the damn floors and traipsing through sand, dirt and other unidentified stuff.  They keep moving around the house and USING things.  Ugh.

Sometimes I  drop them off at school and wonder if I actually  said good morning to each of them.

Sometimes I fall in a heap at 10:00pm and wonder how I survived the cyclone that tore through the house when I wasn’t looking.

Sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball ANYWHERE quiet for just 5 minutes.

At the end of the day though – they are all fed, happy and loved.  They may not be surgically clean, but they are presentable.  And full.  And loved. And mine.

I just love them, and hope everything else falls into place.

And THAT my friends is how I do it.

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Tell me how YOU do it!

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