hello molly!

You may remember a year or so ago, Wilbur went to the beach, and came back with a dog.

The arrival of Molly was not quite as exciting.

Unfortunately we lost our last dog a few weeks ago – and a few weeks without a dog, is a few weeks too long.

Enter Daisy Molly.

We found her, and took a road trip out to pick her up. We named her daisy. Until a song came over the radio, and Wilbur exclaimed – “her name is Molly”. (you may need to listen to the song!).

So. Molly she is.

Not a fan of the bath – and apparently requires a bigger bed. Already.

Will nap anywhere.

Also not a fan of the leash.

Definitely NOT a vegetarian – loves lamb.

Although – will go a good caeser salad from a packet…..

Thanks for joining our family Molly – can’t wait for you to stop piddling and come when you are called!

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