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Turn away paleo-people!

Let me tell you of days gone by, when grandma has some sort of delicious treat awaiting me when I arrived home from school S T A R V I N G……..Always hungry, like I had never been fed before.

Nothing has changed, except now I have FOUR girls begging me for food, BEFORE they even say “Hi Mum, how was YOUR day?” (do any kids do that, or am I dreaming an unimaginable dream!).


I have cooked, and shared these many times over here, and have been asked for the recipe countless more times! Ask no more, you too, can enjoy the sweet sticky easy cinnamon scroll after school delight!

Prepare to get messy!

Gather the ingredients:

  • SR Flour
  • greek yoghurt (I used the sweet version…)
  • melted butter
  • raw sugar
  • cinnamon

NOTE – there are no set quantities!

  1. pre-heat the oven to 160’C (fan-forced)

  2. combine approx. 3 cups flour and 2 cups yoghurt on your bench (it gets messy – but the kids love it!)

IMG 3772 Fotor

  1. bring together, much like you would a dough

  2. re-flour the bench – LOTS!

  3. wrestle with, and roll dough until approx. 1/2-1cm thick

IMG 3773

  1. spread with enough melted butter to cover (if your pastry brush has gone to the same place as the ‘odd socks’, your fingers will work just a s well!)

  2. sprinkle ample sugar and cinnamon – no skimping allowed!IMG 3774 Fotor

  3. roll carefully

  4. slice into wheels

  5. place into buttered baking tray

IMG 3776

  1. brush with any left-over melted butter you may have

  2. cook for approx. 30 minutes – cover with foil if they are browning!

  3. wish you had a ‘cleaning fairy’ for the mess…..

IMG 3777

  1. enjoy a cup of tea…

IMG 3780

  1. swinging and daydreaming outside is optional, otherwise tend to the myriad of chores….

IMG 3803

16.Remove from oven when beautifully browned…

IMG 3805

  1. make up a simple glaze with icing sugar and hot water,- dribble over the top.

IMG 3808

  1. ENJOY, and revel in the ‘super-mum’ status!

IMG 3810 Fotor

easy cinnamon scrolls
Author: Kylie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 3 cups SR flour
  • 2 cups natural yoghurt ( the sweet greek yoghurt is a-OK)
  • melted butter – enough to spread over rolled out dough, plus left-overs for brushing on tray)
  • raw sugar
  • cinnamon
  1. preheat oven – 160’C (fan-forced)
  2. combine flour + yoghurt on bench (super messy – but fun)
  3. bring together like a dough
  4. ‘re-flour’ the bench – LOTS!
  5. roll ‘dough’ until 1/2cm thick
  6. spread melted butter over top
  7. sprinkle cinnamon + sugar over
  8. roll carefully
  9. cut into wheels
  10. place into buttered baking tray
  11. cook! (brush any leftover butter over the top, prior to cooking!)
  12. they are done after approx. 30mins (cover with foil earlier if they look brown)
  13. ice with a simple sugar and water glaze WHILST WARM


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