blogmas 05 // gifts for teachers

Ugh – my worst nightmare. I also suspect – the teachers worst nightmare too! You can only have so many chocolates, mugs, pens, and dodgy delicacies made by small children with snotty noses sticky fingers.

When purchasing or deciding on a gift – it needs to pass the ‘shift-working mum’ test…..

“It must be easy to make/buy/wrap/procure, and must be meaningful”

Hands down, my favourite teachers gift is a thoughtfully written letter from the child to the teacher, with a small chocolate (Ferrero Rocher) stuck to the envelope. If I have a photo handy – I may stick one inside the card, on the piece of paper.


I generally get the girls to sit down and think about what has made the year special for them at school, and how their teacher has impacted their year. Then THEY write, in their own words. We do a rough copy first, then edit it, THEN a good copy. I encourage the girls to take their time with this – and they quite enjoy it.

If a little bit of handwritten love is not your thing, or you want to add a little something extra – try my top 5 added bonus teacher gift list…..

  1. some sort of gift card from some sort of alcohol retailer (I don’t drink the stuff – so it’s never a safe option for me to buy anyone anything alcoholic!)
  2. if your particular teacher is a foodie – opt for some sort of delicacy – there are MANY gift stores / delicatessens with delicious fare!
  3. an experience – get together with other families, pool your funds, and purchase an experience. Check out RED BALLOON – I particularly like the hot air ballooning, BBQ cooking experience, or even the tree surfing and beer tasting, not to mention the rounds of golf. (I wonder if nurses are given RED BALLOON experiences…..) If you cannot pick anything – then just give a RED BALLOON voucher – they have an expiry date of three years!
  4. a framed photo of the Class – signed on the frame by all of the children (you need to be organised for this one – but it works a treat!)
  5. if all else fails – a card with a heartfelt thank-you. It’s the thought that counts, afterall.

I always find I get a little stressed before the end of year – so I try to make it as easy as possible – for everyone!

Have you any teachers gift suggestions?

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