blogmas 04 // decorating for Christmas

Putting up the Christmas tree is nearly both my worst nightmare and loveliest smell. Those pine needles just get into EVERYTHING, and the tinsel. Don’t get me started – that vacuum DOES NOT like it. BUT ….. the smell. How I LOVE the Christmas Tree smell.

I know that a lot of people put a massive emphasis on decorating – making sure everything matches, coordinates and is perfect. Us – not so much. We get that tree in, pull out the same decorations we have been using for the last million years, including our couple of strands of bedraggled tinsel, and throw everything  at the tree. I call it minimalist! One would think it would be a peaceful, fun, festive operation, but no. There is plenty of whinging about where each ornament should go, and who should be putting them where.

Ahhh – the festive season.

I did have my Christmas musicplaylist on loud though – so it was a good day!

There is no ‘putting the star on top of the tree’ moment – it gets thrown on with gay abandon. It is lucky if it stays on top until the tree comes down (on Boxing Day – ASAP!)

We get our tree from Santa’s Place. usually it’s a gorgeously sunny, hot day – we spend time browsing, and hunting for the perfect tree.

Today – not so.

Melbourne and surrounds have had a weekend of vile weather – more rain this weekend than the usual summer average. Everything is wet. And muddy. We got in – checked out the trees, I declared “this one”, and we skedaddled.

Check out the weather we were dealing with! Did someone say summer?!

Kenz picker some of her Daddy’s crop today – beets and wonky carrots all round!

Of course, Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a weekly shop, and a game of backyard cricket thrown in!

Do you decorate the ENTIRE house for Christmas, or are you minimalist like us?

What does YOUR tree look like?

Do you get cranky with the pine needles, but LOVE their smell?

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