blogmas 03 // shift-work and Christmas

So – shift-work and Christmas. It’s a tough gig.

Rostering on at Christmas? Roster on for New Year?

How do you fit in all of the social functions – not just the ones for YOU, but all of the end of year activities for family (oh my gosh – class parties, teachers gifts – UGH!)

This is my first year of juggling all of the shift-working and family balls – and I am super sure I WILL drop some. At least twice!

My top 5 tips:

  1. Have a calendar and USE it. Make that thing your Bible. I use my native iPhone CALENDAR app and it is sync’d across all of my iDevices – so I can look at anything and know where I need to be. EVERYONE’s activities are input into their own calendars. It works like a dream. I add events, parties and shifts immediately, and ALWAYS check the calendar before RSVP’ing to see if I/we are actually free.
  2. Our roster requests for the festive season came out quite early – so I was able to request XMAS/NEW YEAR on or off. Utilise roster requests – they are awesome
  3. I let my NUM know that I was available XMAS night (all of the celebrating would be done), and New Years Day – the AM shift (we do absolutely nothing on NYE – so it is perfect for me to work!) I was subsequently not rostered on over XMAS, but I am doing an AM shift NYE and an AM shift New Years Day.  No problemo (although the traffic driving home on NYE might break me!). I got lucky! If you do not get rostered on for shifts that you like – try swapping or bribing with LARGE amounts of chocolate and coffee!
  4. Try NOT to fill up your days off with social stuff – especially if you are juggling all the balls like I am. Everyone needs downtime. Otherwise the family falls apart, there are tears, and everyone eats toast and watermelon for dinner. Every night. Just sayin’
  5. Eat and drink well. I know it’s the silly season, but take care of yourself – you will last longer, and are less likely to fall in a heap!

If all else fails – throw all of the balls in the air and hope someone else catches them!


Tell me YOUR tips for getting through the Christmas season in one piece!
How do YOU organise your calendar?

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