Blogging from the GradeTwoSleepover!

Milla has been awaiting the coveted GradeTwoSleepover (said in one excited breath!) for AGES!

“Mum – will you be a parent helper ……. please?”

How could I say no!

This morning, Milla followed her packing list with the pedantic behaviour of an old man who loves his routine. It was tremendous. And frustrating. Every item was ticked off with a flourish. The excitement was building.

I am not sure if the teachers got any sense out of the Grade Twos today!

So. Here I am.

Apparently last year, the lights stayed on all night, because they are sensor lights, and sensor lights turn on. With. Any. Little. Bit. Of. Movement.

They did not tell me this before I volunteered.

Nor did they mention the “only two toilets for 25 girls thing”!

Currently there are 58 children snuggled on the floor watching ‘Finding Dory’. It’s a sight. It’s 2115hrs. Quite frankly, I am ready for bed.

The sunset was beautiful…

I am hoping that the full moon outside is not an indicator for any ‘behaviour’!

See you on the flip side!

(Send help at 0200hrs…..)

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