another visiting day…

Around this time last year, Madz was away for 9 weeks. This time, The Murph is away for 9 days, at Somers School Camp. Yesterday was visiting day – we took a picnic and Molly the dog, and plenty of readily available family cuddles and kisses.

Murph is an ‘under the radar’ type of kid. We barely knew she wasn’t at home, except for the lack of morning snuggles, and loud giggles when it is tickle-time with Daddy. That’s not to say she gets ‘less love’, it’s just that she is less noisy!


We were very much looking forward to seeing her, having received her first hand-written epistle – we needed to know all about ‘biking twis’, and how much fun it was!

(clearly, The Murph’s spelling is NOT her strong point…..)

Murph is not a fan of showering – when asked “when was your last shower Murphy”, her answer, “….um – maybe the other day”. Guess what is first on the list when we get home. Apparently each child is meant to shower each night – not sure how that’s going for her!

The many faces of Murph.

There’s ZERO Maths and English – just art, fun, reflections, the big swing, and ‘biking this’. no wonder she has such a happy face.

Quite possibly my favourite group of photographs…..

Miss Molly-dog featured heavily in the activities – she was fairly exhausted by the days end!

Each child has an $8 credit at the canteen. I was not surprised to find that Murphy has already used hers up – with 3 days to go!!!

Time for good-bye…

These two have such a great bond….

…. actually – they all do.


See you in a couple of days Murphy!


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