Let me introduce the gang….

ME – Umm – I’m a mum with FOUR girls, married to THE one, two one zero┬ádog (*sad face), two one no rabbits, four guinea pigs, and five chooks.

I crossfit, I play golf, I want to run a marathon, I wrestle, wrangle patiently parent children, I eat paleo mostly, I try to yoga, I read, I swim, I dream about fitting more into each day, I take FABULOUS photographs, I study finished my Bachelor Nursing full-time in my spare time in 2016, did my Graduate year (2017) at my dream Hospital (The RCH) and am now a nurse at a Hospital closer to home. I instagram (personal account), (the shiftworkingmum account) and facebook. I am just ….. busy. I once gave Santa an eyeful, listed TEN things you might want to know about me, and I share recipes that are easy and fabulous for a time poor mother of a hungry tribe!

We live on “the ‘Ninch”, and LOVE it. Who wouldn’t – sun, sand,surf, mountains, hinterland – you get the gist!

This is where I spend my very valuable spare time (of which there is not alot!), sharing shift-working tips, telling stories and sharing the local ‘Ninch secrets and life. I often review noteworthy events/items, and happily work with brands.

Meet the rest of the gang….

The Cyclone – aka the ONE!

We have been married for 14 years – he used to FIFO internationally as a commercial diver, now he is an expert farm type bloke, who is at home ALL. THE .TIME (!). He is pretty cool, and can fix anything with gaffa-tape, cable ties and foam filler. Back in 2015, he had a life-changing event (which I did not blog about), nearly blew up his pancreas, and avoided making the worst mistake of his life (leaving us). Now he is a top-notch Daddio and not a bad husband! He has his own category – WILBUR+ISMS – always good for a laugh!


The eldest. Athletic. Not interested in boys (yet?), unless she is racing against them in a run. Was the second fastest race-walker for her age a couple of years ago (State and National), but has since taken a break. Is navigating through puberty, and recently had ‘the sex talk‘. Is my person (apart from the Cyclone).

The Mackenzinator

The most empathetic, complex girl I have even met. Holds house record for medical ‘incidents’ – two heart surgeries (one open), three, four, five grommet insertions, broken arm, hypertension, NF1 and a duplicated chromosome., plus endless visits to ED for all sorts of things. Is very awesome – a thinker, problem solver and just keeps on keeping on.

The Murph

Owner of hair thicker than sheep wool. Extreme farter. Extreme giggler and smiler. Excellent at slipping under the radar. Sings remarkably well – but will not sing for anyone. Stubborn. Dislikes tomato, any food that is not white and Daddy’s whiskers. Used to barrack for the Hawks (Daddy’s team) until Daddy dropped her and broke her arm. Now a devout Carlton supporter!

Caps Lock

The youngest. Lives life like she IS caps lock – loud and proud. Supreme bed sneaker-inner. Skin toucher. Madz’ shadow. Water lover – swims like no other.

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